Garden Pro R-3+

Application specific, purpose built tire. Turf, garden, and vineyard friendly tread for low soil compaction and reduced damage. Complete range of front and rear axle combinations. Directional block-type tread for good performance on the road and longer life. Radial construction. Efficient self cleaning. Improved fuel economy. Directional block-type tread design. Unique design with a deep R-3+ tread. Rounded shoulders. Radial construction.

  • Garden Applications
  • Vineyards
Size Replace L.I.   Size Replace L.I.
220/55R12 6-12 82 A8   300/70R20 9.5R20 110 A8
240/60R12 7-12 89 A8   320/70R20 11.2R20 113 A8
260/70R16 6.50R16 109 A8   380/70R24 13.6R24 125 A8
280/70R16 7.50R16 112 A8   420/70R24 14.9R24 130 A8
280/70R18 7.50R18 114 A8